Monday, July 12, 2010

Songpath Begin July 4th 2010.

Riding on the Amtrak from Chicago to Minneapolis and already tuning my brain up for some heavy listening as I watch the landscape gradually change as we cross Wisconsin and then head up the Mississippi river to the twin cities. The train I am on happens to be a part of the "Trails and Rails" initiative. A collaboration between Amtrak and the National Parks. A member of the National Parks Interpretive Program talks in the observation car about the geological and social history of the areas around the Mississippi river and the glacial features that created it. Then, around 9:30 at night, fireworks everywhere! The best place to see a fireworks display is from the observation car of an Amtrak going down the Mississippi. You pretty much see all of them as you go by. Thank goodness no air carriers would let me check all my camping equipment!

My first week will be spent in Minneapolis and then I will head up to Banning to begin intensive listening and planning along the Quarry Loop Trail.

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