Monday, September 13, 2010

Whitewater September 11th 1:00 PM

Another quiet afternoon hike, this time with a family of three including young Heidi who was very curious about water and very interested in frogs.

During the mediation, I pointed out a banging noise in the distance which sounded faintly like my drums. I though that maybe Chris was getting ready and doing some practicing. As we hiked along, we ran into a family that was taking pictures near a bridge who asked, "are those your drums back there??"""


"I was playing them a little bit!......."

Anyways, we spent lots of time with the initial water features and Heidi found some rocks near the banks of the stream and started to throw them in. This is precisely one of the activities that led me to this point with the song path. I often just hung out near streams throwing rocks in and listening to how they sounded differently. Like I said, everyone hears something different. She heard the possibility of rocks going into the water and made it happen.

She also played a reed for a while which I really liked as you could hear the valley resonate when she would hit a high note. As we ascended to inspiration point, I could hear that there was a big group of high school kids gathered. Heidi and her dad went up and her mother listened further down the stairs. I stayed on the cliff face and played the drum for the whole group of them. I didn't hear birds reacting this time from where I was, but the father assured me that they did. I think that is the feature of this hike I like most and the one I don't really ever get to hear!

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