Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chris Chelgren

In an ongoing series on this blog, I am going to spend one post each talking a bit about the musicians that are helping me out with the Song Path as they appear. I already told you about my friends Brad Matala and Steve Laukannen and now I would like to introduce my old friend and fellow composer Chris Chelgren. Chris and I were roommates at St. Olaf College and we took many of the same classes of which we attended as many as we could given our rigorous sleep schedule. We were actually the original Song Pather's in a way as we spent many a night on the hill hiking through the woods and listening to things, especially the two big blue water towers that protruded from the top of the hill which were like gigantic space crafts at night if you just leaned up against them and looked up at the stars. We spent hours at night playing those towers and howling to the universe as college age people tend to do. Fun times. Chris is now teaching viola as well as holding down a full time day job much as I normally do and is composing and making tunes for his viola and other instruments. When I told him about the song path, he couldn't wait to get back on the trails. He will be helping me out a couple of days in Banning as well as down at Whitewater the second weekend in September. I a really glad to have him here. His drumming will be exquisite!

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