Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shannon Budd

I also want to take the opportunity to introduce my wife Shannon Budd. She has been REALLY busy while I have been here. A series of unfortunate and unexpected events have made it so we have to move to a new apartment in Chicago while I am here doing this residency. She has pretty much been doing everything as well as maintaining her music teaching business and generally holding down the fort in Chicago while I have been gone. Luckily we have many friends and relatives willing to pitch in, but still, I have to give here a special load of credit in making the song path possible. In general, in making the whole music career possible. Without her support and constant advice, I would probably not be here doing the song path right now. So, thanks dear.

She is also helping out with an art opening in Osage IA for her father Eric which happens on the 28th of August. She is busy!

Shannon is a talented flutist and music educator and runs a center for a children's music program in Chicago called Music Together. She also teaches a full studio of very successful flute students (one of whom went on to Depaul University to study with Mary Stolper among others) and I have gotten lots of good advice on how to lead hikes with kids just by watching how she runs her classes and listening to her tell me about her days.

Despite all the events that have popped up this summer, she found time to drive up to Chicago and visit me and help out with the Song Path. I think sitting in the woods and beating a drum every once in a while is quite therapeutic given everything that has been going on. I really appreciate having her here. She is helping me with a couple of days in Banning as well as possibly coming up for the first few days of labor day weekend in Whitewater.

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