Monday, August 30, 2010

Wiitewater: The Trout Run Creek Trail and the steps up to Inspiration Point

After missing the parade and accidentally crashing a local family gathering at the local coffee shop they ran in town, I returned to Whitewater to do a hike of the trail I will be using for Song Path. It follows the trout run creek trail, a trail which is dense with water features around every corner, lots of noisy insects, and birds as well as a plethora of different sonic features including stretches that skirt the edge of steep hills that frame the valley it cuts through. Various bridges give stereophonic perspectives on the shallow creek rapids below and fields of various foliage contain different insect and frog breeds which create unique sonic landscapes in the small nooks and crannys that the trail takes you through.

In sharp contrast to Banning where there were sometimes intense moments of silence and where a constant large water feature took over the sound field and then slowly faded into the background to reveal a more still area, the trout run creek trail is a constant barrage of changing sound which occupies your ears at all times and in a way keeps your attention focused on what is directly around you.

After the hike goes deep into the trout run creek trail, I will activate the surprise at which point we will loop back around and hike at a more brisk pace until we reach the steps going up to inspiration point. At this point, my hope is that the audiences focus will be shifted to the larger space as the "surprise" fills the valley with sound. The perspective on this sound will change gradually as the hikers climb the wooden steps and as they reach inspiration point, exhausted, they will hear as well as see the whole valley below.

I am really looking forward to working on tweaking the "surprises" over the next few days and getting the experience to work as best as it can.

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