Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 19th and last post until I get back

This and the next few posts are ones that I wrote on paper during my stay at Whitewater state park but didn't have web access/time before I left on a two week trip to Beijing where I discovered, not surprisingly, that my blog site was blocked by the government filters there. I have now been back in town a few days and have been catching up on some organization and getting ready for the first performance dates at Banning State Park which begin this Thursday the 12th.


Now it is the 19th and tomorrow I leave for a 2 week trip to Beijing, China. A slight change of pace I know.

This first 3 weeks have been quite revealing and have taught me a lot about what this whole Song Path idea is. I intend to continue my listening practices in Beijing to keep my ears in shape and will hopefully have some good recordings when I return.

I won't be posting to the blog while in China but will resume after I return on August 4th.

PS: These are my friends in Beijing.

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