Friday, August 13, 2010

Evening. More rain. Going to Quarry Days to Drink with Friends


My earlier enthusiasm about a great 4:00 hike was brought back down to earth as even though I had a very enthusiastic group of hikers willing to face the wet weather, BOOM! CRASH! FLOOD! the rains came down with a fury. We dispersed, they to St Paul (and then back to France as I understood) and I to my tent to listen to some of the recording I did earlier.

I am being joined tonight by my friends Brad and Steve whom I used to be in a band with in the Early 90's in Minneapolis. The Unfinnished. Yes, with two N's. (they are of Finnish descent). But our musical journey continues as they have agreed to help me out tomorrow with the song path in between pulling bass out of the kettle river (I hope, because I want to eat some fish! MMMMMMMMM).

But some good news came with the rains. A segment on the Song Path Aired today on MPR's All Things Considered.

You can listen to it here.


  1. my husband heard the segment on MPR driving home from work tonight and now we're planning to come out tomorrow for the hike. i saw on the dnr website that special hikes can be arranged for families w/ small children. is that true? do we call the park tomorrow morning?

  2. Hello Ryan, We were on the 4pm walk today and I would like to offer some feedback. Please let me know how to reach you directly. Thanks, Rosie Senjem

  3. sorry if this didn't go through last time but please get in touch at